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The aML package consists of documentation, executable files, sample files, and source code. You need to download these components separately, except on Windows. The Windows distribution file combines documentation, executables, and sample files.

There is no charge for downloading aML, but there is also no warranty of any kind. By downloading all or part of aML, you agree to not hold any person or legal entity liable for any damage.

Source Code
Linux (i386)
(Instructions) (Redhat) (Ubuntu)
SUN Solaris
OtherSee belowSee below

We thank Stefano Mazzuco (University of Padova, Italy) for contributing the executable files for the Ubuntu distribution of Linux.

For executable files on platforms other than Windows, 32-bit Linux for i386, and SUN Solaris, you could try third party distributors. For example, Cornell University's CISER has precompiled executables for 64-bit Linux on ia64 machines. Alternatively, you may download the source code and compile it yourself. See the readme file in the source code distribution for compilation instructions.

Why Are There Multiple Versions of the Source Code?

aML is written in Fortran. The Windows version uses some Fortran 90, whereas the Linux and Solaris versions conform to Fortran 77, except for some commonly supported extensions.

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