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aML Technical Support

If you have a general question pertaining to aML and you cannot find the answer in the User's Guide and Reference Manual, first check whether it has been answered among the Frequently Asked Questions.

Fellow aML users form a rich resource through the aML listserver. You may post your question by sending e-mail to To become part of the aML users forum, send an e-mail with your name and affiliation to This service is free and open to anyone. The users forum is the best place to post conceptual questions, modeling questions, and any other aML-related questions.

We do not support the free, unlicensed version of aML. However, if you purchased a licensed version within the past twelve months and have a technical question, feel free to e-mail our Technical Support at Be sure to attach a control and an output file, if any, that illustrate the problem. Please provide the serial number and version of aML, and a telephone number where we may reach you. We ask that you restrict questions to those of a technical nature (installation issues, unintelligible error messages, software crashes, etc). Modeling questions should be directed to the aML Users Forum (see above).

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